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Quisling Jewish leaders dismiss Wallenberg

My late father, Paul Lancz, was a sculptor, credited with the “definitive” bronze bust of Raoul Wallenberg at the RW Place in Montreal. After moving here three years ago, I resolved to erect this beacon of a monument in Boston, which is one of the major metropolises to not have any Wallenberg memorial.

I met with the Jewish leadership of the community, including Barry Shrage, expecting a supportive reception. Much to my dismay, they evinced an apathy and indifference bordering on outright opposition. Whereas Shrage could have easily achieved this project had he had an iota of courage, vision and integrity to embrace it, he hemmed and hawed about my needing to find people or organizations with a direct connection to Wallenberg, thereby absolving himself of any responsibility or commitment to pursue it.

Apparently, the quisling progressive – read leftist – Barry Shrages and Jeremy Burtons of Boston would rather apologize and cover for their would-be annihilationists than embrace the single greatest rescuer of Jews in the 20th century. Just as their Jewish brethren of yesteryear chose to downplay and whitewash the Nazi Holocaust, so too do today’s liberal Jews regarding the Islamofascists. The irony, of course, is that Wallenberg – the world’s foremost Righteous Gentile – did more to rescue Jews than did most people or even nations; especially, the powerful Jews who could have prevented the murder of millions of their brethren.

This is the lesson Boston’s Jewish leadership should have taken away from my initiative – but they just never learn.



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