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Liberals must learn the Palestinians reject peace

Shifra Freewoman, like most liberals, is misinformed [“To regain liberals’ support, Israel must make peace,” June 2, p. 7]. Israel has been trying to make peace with the Arabs since 1948. The Palestinians have rejected every peace offer because they cannot accept the existence of Israel. However, the liberal media has so swallowed the Palestinian narrative that they are not willing to publish anything that contradicts it.

Netanyahu gave them a 10-month “settlement” freeze, only to have Abbas ignore it for nine months. Then it turned out the negotiations were only to get terrorists released, with no actual desire to negotiate a peace treaty. Before him, there were offers from Olmert and others that came very close to what most liberals believe the peace treaty would be, only to have those offers rejected as well.

Abbas claims he wants peace, but he has yet to say he wants peace with the Jewish State of Israel. His peace is a peace without Jews. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas both teach their children that it is their goal to kill Jews and take over all of Israel, not just the parts recovered in 1967. Even if Abbas signed a peace deal today, it would not last. The Palestinians, brought up to believe all of Israel is theirs, would not be satisfied with the West Bank and Gaza.

As long as the world puts pressure only on Israel, the Palestinians believe they can get the world to destroy Israel. It is time for liberals, and the world, to pressure them to accept Israel.



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