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The right still poses a significant threat to Jews

Right-wing anti-Semitism, “no longer poses any significant threat … to American Jews,” writes David Nuremberg [“Left-wing anti-Zionism is not equivalent to right-wing anti-Semitism,” opinion, Sept. 22, p. 9].

He’s wrong. It’s the right-wingers who organized the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. It’s those same righties who constantly attack the First Amendment’s religious protections, so important to Jewish life in America. They’re the ones who feel closely held corporations, regardless of size, shouldn’t have to include certain services for women in their company’s health care plans. They argue religious freedom as justification for discrimination in business against this-and-that group. They’re the ones who have been rejoicing at the ascendancy of Donald Trump, so now they won’t be forced to say Happy Holidays anymore. And they’re the ones, hear me David Nuremburg, who claim that America is a Christian country. Not a “significant threat?” Hardly.

Lefty anti-Semitism is different from the righty version, but they both present real dangers to American Jews. Those who deny (or minimize) that danger in order to advance a political argument, do a favor to the bigots (on both sides) while simultaneously doing a disservice to those/our Jewish communities.

Athens, Ohio


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